2D puzzle adventure with the right spirit

Take the role of a cursed traveller, swap between human and ghost forms and solve your way out of the cave!


In Ghostory, you take the role of a lone traveller affected by a curse - he can transform to a ghost and back. However, he is slowly dying and needs a cure. After a quick turn of events, he gets stuck in a cave with only one goal - to get out with his backpack.
What secrets await him inside? Does he even want to get out? Will an old lady help healing him, or will he get overwhelmed by her neverending puns?
Find out yourself!


Utilize both your forms to bring the backpack with a cure to the exit! In human form, you interact with the objects around and carry the backpack. In ghost form, you fly through walls and spaces to relocate, leaving the backpack behind.
The focus is on solving puzzles way more than on mechanical skill, there is no time limit and you don't have to worry about dying. Do you have the wits to beat the Meroth Cave, or will you surrender to its ghostile nature?


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