In Ghostory, you take the role of a lone traveller who got lost in the woods and due to his tremendous thirst drinks from an unknown river. Hence, he gets affected by a peculiar curse - he can transform to a ghost, fly around, and switch back.

However, he is slowly dying and needs a cure. After a quick turn of events, he gets stuck in a cave with only one goal - to get out safely with his cure.

What secrets await him in the cave? Will he find his way out? Will an old lady help him prepare the cure, or will he get overwhelmed by her neverending puns?

Find out yourself!

Ghostory Demo

Would you like to try Ghostory
before its official release?
Do you want to feel the game yourself
without having to pay its full price?
Try the Ghostory demo
and enjoy the first three levels
of the game completely for free!

Version 1.0



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